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Research / opportunity to study or work


A life without research is not a good life (from Platone, Apologia di Socrate).
Calabretta Winery usually studies the soils, the environment climate, the “contrade” (climax), the cultivar, little fermentation and the use of oak during the aging.
If you have a degree or you want to study with us for a research please feel free to contact us and let us know your proposal


Clients & visits

If you are a group / association / tour operator and would like to make a themed dinner, wine tasting, meeting at our place please contact us and submit your idea.
We are often able to satisfy your desires. We welcome you 365 days a year. Visits both in the vineyard and in cellar.

If you are an individual or a professional and want to visit the winery and vineyards, we receive you 365 days a year. If you want we can also evaluate themed tastings, dinners and meetings.

If you need a hand to help you find a restaurant, a wine bar, a hotel, a farm or a bed & breakfast in Randazzo or nearby.

We can advise museums and churches to visit, find a riding for a horseback ride and, if you will, refer you who organizes trips on the craters of Etna







We are present in the world

please, contact us at  info@calabretta.net

follow us on Facebook: Azienda Vinicola Calabretta

if you want to call, write an email to info@calabretta.net and write your number. We will contact you.

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operative headquarters and winery

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